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District Community Integration Platform

Join Your Hometown Community

Make an Impact

District Community Integration Platform

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Townsol-Platform for Social and Economic Growth of your hometown in India!

Focus on the Development of Your Hometown

What is “TownSol”utions ?

TownSol is the platform dedicated to address and discuss the social and economic development of smallest town in your hometown district in India.

Create districts focus groups: All intellectuals from the district, who have migrated across the world, for whatever reason, can gather together on this platform. Identify and brainstorm intelligent, innovative solutions and explore new avenues for the growth of your hometown.

Market Your Hometown to the world: TownSol provides opportunities to district residents to showcase local art, natural wonders, historical structures, tourist attractions, business opportunities based on natural resources, charitable/NGOs, celebrities, artists, achievers etc. to entire world.

Empower the Youth, who can think about how they want to shape their hometown, where they will spend their next 60-80 years of life.

TownSol is for senior citizens and those living overseas, who wish to contribute their wealth of experience, knowledge and dreams to crafting development models to give back to the community.

Corporate Intelligence Mees Local Innovation: At TownSol, we bet on the local innovative mindset of youth and we believe in the power of corporate intelligence. The mix of both will help transform towns and villages into advanced, thriving communities.

Let us all get together and see what we all can do for our hometown!

Avenues for Change, Development and Growth

District Visionary Contest

TownSol Forum

Connect with Your Townmates Around The World !

Join the Global Community of Your Hometown and Connect with the People, Who Share Your Origins.

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Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your hometown.

Participate in the brainstorming forums.

Share with your townmates about whatever you have experienced, imagined or achieved so far, by moving out of your hometown to another dreamland.

Identify and develop NEW Business Opportunities using natural resources and human skills available in your hometown.

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