Townsol Admin

August 21, 2023

Carrom is a fascinating board game that originated in India.  The game demands a combination of precision, strategy, and fine motor skills. Carrom's magic has transcended borders, captivating the hearts and minds of enthusiasts in South Asian countries like Sri Lanka and Pakistan, and many more. India has a rich history associated with carrom and many Indian carrom players have performed exceedingly well in various international competitions.

Though carrom is more popular as a form of entertainment or pastime game, it offers many great benefits for our mental health. This unassuming game has the power to sharpen our analytical thinking skills, intensify our focus, and elevate our hand-eye coordination. It is also seen as a great tool for building social relationships and is a stress buster.

Despite its rich history and success, carrom in India confronts several challenges that could potentially impact its future. The younger generation's ever-growing fondness for electronic games threatens to overshadow the charm of traditional tabletop games. Lack of international recognition is another reason that hinders the growth and popularity of carrom in local communities.

Do you have ideas to popularize Carrom or do you have the resources that can help carrom enthusiasts turn into professional gamers? Here’s your chance to voice your ideas and help push the game forward in your district!

Food for thought

  • The young generations are struggling with severe digital addiction. Can we promote carrom as a great activity to keep kids creatively engaged and reduce digital addiction?
  • Can we work on elevating the status of Carrom from a casual pastime to a respected and professional game?
  • Can we host local carrom tournaments or matches during community festivals to increase interest among people?
  • The government has launched various programs and job opportunities (sports quota) for carrom players. Can we work on spreading the word about these opportunities to inspire younger generations to pick up the carrom?
  • Can we utilize the power of social media platforms to attract more attention and increase participation from people?

District Vision