Schools in the villages (Reach 100% literacy in our district)

Townsol Admin

November 22, 2023

Every inch of hometown district land should have reachability to good school.

Do we know how many villages or places in our hometown district do not have access or reachability to good school?

Many times, we see that people move to big city for probable reasons like not enough career opportunities, no good school, or no school at all.

We have designed the discussion for the definition of best school above that will ultimately take care of “No Good School” scenario. But “No school” at all is a genuine and serious reason.

Let us address this issue collectively.

We appeal to everyone to identify the villages or areas in their native district, who do not have access to school at all. Please go to all corners of your hometown Taluka  or district or communicate with the locals of the village to find out if every inch of your district land has reachability to BEST school. If villages are in remote places and scattered, then identify a central place for all the villages so that a bus ride for 20 -25 miles radius can cover all such villages. (Big city schools have school bus system then why not villages?) How to support these school buses financially will be another topic but for now let us focus on quantifying the need of schools so that we can identify different ways to fulfill the need.

District Vision