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Legacy Fruits and Vegetables

The fertile land of our district produces many types of fruits and vegetables for very long time which are unique. Many times, it happens that some of us may not know many such farm products in our district, which may have great value in terms of nutrition and other qualities and at the same time, have the potential to transform them into industrial consumable products.

So let us work together to identify and make a list of such fruits and vegetables in our district so that we can collectively develop plans to fully utilize this god given heritage and wealth to benefit townmates and ultimately, improve the economy of our district.

We can participate in the “Develop Industry for Legacy Fruits & Vegetables” forum to make the difference.

Legacy Food

Every district has few unique and delicious legacy food styles with ultimate taste, that have been around for many generations, but not fully publicized to people outside of our district.  So now is the time to encash on those blessings that our ancestors have left behind.

With that thought in mind, let us all identify such legacy food items and recipes that can be transformed into a branded food style. This will provide income opportunities to our household men and women from small villages and towns as well as business opportunity for youngsters to start new franchises of district legacy food chains.

We can participate in “Standardize District Legacy Food” forums.

District Vision