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August 26, 2023

In recent years, the Indian football team has shown promise, but our journey has just begun. The recent FIFA World Cup showed us the youth’s interest in the game, right from Kolkata to Kolhapur and Kerala to Kashmir all cheered for their favourite players. 
To truly nurture our local talents and propel this beautiful game to new heights, we must put our collective effort to promote it and foster collaborations among various state and district level associations with the aim to produce world class football players in the coming years.We have to make it a viable career choice for good players so that they are motivated to continue playing. This could be making them local business brand ambassadors, provide employment by setting up district level associations and coaching academies etc.
At Townsol, we are all about meaningful conversations, and we want to hear your ideas, your dreams and your vision for taking football to new heights in your district. Your unique insights and local knowledge are invaluable in uncovering opportunities and crafting innovative strategies.

So, let's kick off this conversation with a bang. Let's explore how we, as Townsol members, can be the driving force in promoting football within our local communities. Share your ideas and be a part of a revolution.

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Food for Thought:

  1. Can we host local Football tournaments to encourage participation and increase awareness about this sport in the local community?
  2. Can we partner with the local coaches and regional Football academies to provide training sessions to budding talents?
  1. Football requires infrastructure (Football field) and other facilities. Can we collaborate with authorities and local businesses to invest in improving football infrastructure? This could include building or refurbishing football fields, providing access to necessary equipment, and offering coaching programs. 
  2. How about spreading the word with workshops, seminars and social media to encourage locals to participate and support the sport?

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