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November 4, 2023

Boxing is one of the popular combat sports all over the world. Its origins can be traced back to ancient civilizations, and it has a rich glorified history. Boxing in India is a story of relentless determination, where grit meets glory.

Boxing has gained significant popularity in India in recent years. India has produced few world-class boxing champions including Mary Kom and Vijender Singh. The sweat and sacrifice that go into training for this tough sport are nothing short of inspirational. Our boxers aren't just athletes; they're warriors who fight for their dreams and their country. From the dusty streets to Olympic arenas, it's a journey that resonates with every Indian.

Boxing offers various incredible benefits for our health as well. It enhances whole-body strength and works as a great cardio workout. Boxing doesn't just take a jab at your muscles; it's a knockout stress-buster, a mood enhancer like no other.

Despite some great performances by Indian boxers in international competitions, professional boxing still has a long way to go in the country. While our Indian boxing champs have conquered international rings, professional boxing within our borders is still finding its footing. Many of our talented pugilists grapple with a lack of financial support and the absence of top-notch training facilities. There's no steady income stream or proper job opportunities, making it a tough gig.

Let us come together to share ideas to overcome these challenges and promote boxing as a viable sport in our districts.

Food for thought

  • Can we rope in international and national champions to start a local boxing league?
  • Can we ensure that professional boxers get the required support and facilities to perform well in national and international competitions?
  • Like start-up funding and incubation centers can we have boxing funding and incubation centers in local sports complexes to ensure talented boxers get the maximum opportunities?
  • Can we work on increasing employment opportunities for boxers, both in the private and public sector, to reduce their financial stress?
  • Can we spread awareness about different government schemes and programs that support boxing development?

District Vision