Townsol Admin

November 17, 2023

Cycling as a sport is gaining rapid popularity in India. Especially since the time of pandemic, more and more people are adopting cycling as a preferred mode of commuting and making it a routine part of their lifestyle. As health consciousness is growing, more enthusiasts are participating in triathlons and other competitions like Iron Man etc. and adopting cycling as a way of life.

But what about cycling as a sport? Indian cyclists have been showcasing strong performances in a variety of international competitions. However, cycling as a sport still has a long way to go in the country.

Cycling offers numerous benefits for our health. Cycling is a golden ticket to a low-impact, full-body workout extravaganza. Apart from weight management it is a perfect way to keep  stress, anxiety, and depression at bay. Cycling is like therapy on two wheels, with a view.

However, poor roads and a lack of dedicated cycling lanes are like potholes in our cycling dreams. Cycling to be considered as a sport, needs acceptance and investment from both people as well as the government. It's time to pump up those tires and pave the way for change!

As TownSol members, we encourage you to exchange ideas and share enthusiasm to promote various sports in our local districts. District members from across the globe, lets come together and promote sports in our town!

Food for thought 

  • Just like walking tracks, can we have dedicated cycling tracks in our local parks or stadiums ? Can we work on improving infrastructures for cyclists in our communities?
  • How about promoting cycling tourism in our districts? It can stimulate the local economy by attracting visitors and can lead to increased income for local businesses.
  • Can we establish bike-sharing or rental programs in our districts to make bicycles more accessible to people?
  • Can we host regular cycling events such as cycling races to encourage participation from people of various age groups and skill levels?

District Vision