Kho Kho

Townsol Admin

October 1, 2023

Kho Kho, a traditional Indian sport where agility, strategy, and lightning-fast reflexes are your weapons, and teamwork is your shield. This was a popular sport for generations, but it lost its sheen along the way as it could not translate into a lucrative career opportunity.

This traditional Indian sport boosts cardiovascular health, enhances agility, and promotes teamwork. The swift movements and strategic gameplay provide a full-body workout, improving endurance and fostering mental sharpness.

In this forum, we want TownSol members to discuss and suggest ideas to make the game popular again in their town. Kho-Kho is a game that requires minimum investment and hence it can be played in every village and town. Every member can help in their own capacity, be it time, effort, ideas, money, resources or knowledge sharing, to create a sporting culture in their town.

We need to brainstorm ideas, avenues and collaboration opportunities to make Kho Kho a popular and competitive sport that not only gives happiness but can also create employment opportunities. 

Food for thought

We have Kho Kho greats in our country, but how can we utilise them to groom the future generation?

Can we pool in resources to create a Kho Kho team at town level?

What is the kind of government support such an initiative would require?

Can we create a knowledge bank from experts like nutritionist, physiotherapists, psychologists, strength trainers make a Kho Kho team successful?

What kind of support or infrastructure would be required to establish or participate in franchisee format league Kho Kho games?

Share your ideas in comments below to take Kho Kho and sports to the next level in India.

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