Townsol Admin

November 4, 2023

Wrestling, a timeless sport, holds a cherished place in the heart of India, where cultural echoes blend with physical prowess. Known as Malla-yuddha in ancient India, wrestling isn't just a sport; it's woven into our rich heritage. And as you traverse the map of our diverse nation, you'll find that every state boasts its own unique wrestling variant.

In Punjab and Haryana, it is called Kushti while in north India, it is well-known as Pehlwani and in Maharashtra it is called Kushti.

Wrestling offers various impressive benefits for our physical and mental health. Beyond the gripping holds and mighty takedowns, wrestling is a path to physical and mental excellence. It's a full-body workout that fuels cardiovascular health and a training ground for mental agility. It also helps in bringing a sense of discipline to a routine lifestyle.

Though since ancient times, India has had a remarkable wrestling history, however, till some time back it had slipped into shadows. But then, the Phogat sisters and a new generation of Indian wrestlers emerged to reclaim the spotlight, proving that India is a wrestling powerhouse.

At Townsol, we are committed to promoting various traditional sports in our districts and working hard as a team to find creative ways to promote sports like wrestling among young generations. Come let’s bring ideas to the ring

Food for thought

  • Can we host local wrestling tournaments/events in our districts that follow international wrestling rules and infrastructure to provide local wrestlers international exposure.  Something like IPL?
  • Can we collaborate with senior wrestling players to work as a coach for training budding athletes?
  • How about collaborating with local schools to make wrestling an essential part of extracurricular sports activities?
  • Can we support the local wrestlers by providing them required resources and sponsored opportunities to enhance their performances and probably provide employment opportunities to ensure they continue to pursue their sport?
  • Can we take the help of digital creators to create content about wrestling and get local publications (newspapers, sports magazines) to publish wrestling-related articles?

District Vision